Emotions – The Attractor Factor

By Kim Barnwell
Published in the May 2005 issue of Tone Magazine

Are you currently manifesting all of your heart’s desires?

There are numerous books and workshops that focus on the importance of goal setting, inspire us to dream big and encourage us to be conscious creators. As a result many individuals are successfully manifesting their heart’s desires, while others are still searching for their personal “secret ingredient” to successful conscious creating.

If this is you, it is time to focus on the attractor factor – your emotions.

Emotion = energy in motion

Emotions are an inner communication tool intended to signal to us when our thoughts or actions are aligned with our core intentions, values and beliefs.

Each emotion is an energetic vibration that attracts vibrations of the same frequency to itself. For example, if you start your day off by waking up late, you may start to feel the emotion of frustration build up inside. The more you focus on the frustration, the more you’ll attract frustrating situations to yourself, such as getting all the red lights on the drive into work and being late. Have you ever experienced a morning like that?

Our realities are such as they are, as a result of how we are currently managing our emotions.

Effective emotional management is achieved by becoming aware of our emotions, accepting them, interpreting them and then choosing how to respond to our life situations as a result of them.

This may seem easy enough and if it was, our lives and the world we live in would appear much different to us all. Unfortunately, many of us were encouraged to suppress our emotions while growing up, thereby creating an unconscious block to our creative force. So in spite of well intended efforts to change our realities, the process to creating all what we want in life seems slow. Without conscious awareness of our emotions, we lack the tool required to help us recognize when our own negative patterns keep repeating in our lives.

“Emotional awareness” involves becoming conscious of the triggers (physical sensations and thought pattern) that are created by the energy that is in motion throughout your body.

Once we become more self-aware, we can then learn to accept each emotion as it arises. By releasing any judgment of the label we’ve attached to the emotion, we can learn to interpret it accurately. Without an accurate interpretation of our emotions, we tend to react to them, which often results in either the repression of the emotion or dramatization of it. The consequence of either will be the attraction of more of what brought on the emotion in the first place, so if it is an emotion you don’t like, the downward spiral begins!

Once we know what an emotion is communicating to us, by interpreting it accurately, we are empowered to choose how to respond to it. In relation to achieving our goals, this may include re-examining our beliefs that are connected to a specific goal, the plan of action or the goal itself.

By exercising “Emotional Management” you gain conscious access to the driving force of your creations, and are empowered to successfully create the life you love.