Is this the time for you to create a more balanced, fulfilling life for yourself?

Are you ready? You wouldn’t be the first to discover you have areas in your life that have been ignored and that now need your attention. As if at a crossroads, this sure can seem like a bewildering location! Yet, surprisingly, it can be a junction that draws the traffic of positive challenges, bringing more movement and refreshing circulation, and even a sense of exploration that, not surprisingly, so many people long for, however secretly.

Perhaps you desire a career that’s a true expression of your talents. Perhaps you’re looking for an authentic, passionate relationship with your partner. You might be addressing a dream. One that has lay dormant inside of you for years, waiting for that spark that will ignite it.

Now that’s the kind of stuff that get’s Kim’s attention! You see, she’s passionate about igniting her clients’ inner passion. She assists her clients in gaining clarity about what they want in life as well as more ease in living it. She helps people set their goals, and brainstorms with clients to come up with creative, uplifting action plans.

Athletes make it to the Olympics with the dedicated assistance of their coach! As a coach in your case, Kim becomes a partner and a personal cheerleader. Like any dedicated coach who functions in the service of their sport, Kim knows that her role as well as her participation help spread integrity and teamwork to all corners of the discipline which, in her case, is the greatest sport of all – life itself!


We run an elite agency where we are in the fortunate position to be able to select only clients who are passionate about our work and find value in what we do and compensate us generously for it. We are very very successful in what we do and our clients are also successful because of how we help them. It wasn’t always this way. Before we called Conscious Creations, we were dealing with very stressed, moody, even abusive clients. They often didn’t pay on time and found faults with our work.  It wasn’t very nice.  But once we had a few meetings with our new business coach, Kim, we have been attracting ONLY clients with similar values and lots of money! We are currently invited to speak across Canada about our business and how it can help Canadians.  Our Name and Brand are now recognised as a symbol of expertise in our field. We are proudly The Privacy Information Agency, and we build robust Privacy Management Frameworks for Canadian and International Governments, Industries and Businesses. Come to a success story:


As I reflect over the past year’s accomplishments, it is easy to see the results achieved through my work with Kim.  Not only do I have an actual list of accomplishments, but also I am more aware that they exist, acknowledging that big and small accomplishments are all valuable.

I was able to make a significant life change this year and in the process, see how I was responsible in the creation of this change.  I had set out a few intentions at the beginning of the year, and ended up with much more than I had anticipated.

Working with Kim is like facing a mirror every day.  She gently shows you your reflection, helps you see yourself more clearly, and in the process, helps you see your life more clearly.  She has a knack for helping clear out cluttered thinking and turning the ‘complicated’ in something more simple, and manageable.  She is adaptable, and will customize her approach to what works best for you.  She will support and guide you, and most importantly, she will show you your own power so that you can take control of your life and see opportunities in all aspects of life.

I will be forever grateful for having chosen Kim as my coach.

– Diane 


Being coached by you was like going on a journey with a trustworthy guide. When I may not have really known where I was going, you held up the light for me and let me continue in a wise direction. I discovered more about myself and learned to appreciate my way of doing things with your assistance.

You also had a great and compassionate way of helping me recognize and navigate through my resistances and blocks to living the life I fully want. I was pleasantly surprised to see my familiar patterns take new turns for the better. Just the first step of revealing a dream I have kept with me for a while, was a great step forward. I was also happy to see the progress I was making with your skillful and intuitive way of asking me the right questions and reflecting back to me what had transpired between sessions. You also helped me get clearer about my values. Now decision-making is easier.

You seemed to enter into a space of oneness with me in a way that you could merge with who I was and just know what needed to be said. I could imagine you being like that with everyone you work with. Again, thank you for the journey and thank you for your light.


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