Any Regrets?

A friend on facebook, Michael Murphy, posted this question today “Is it possible to live without regret? Do you agree or disagree and why?” Here’s my response which followed someone’s who thought that YES it was possible, because we always have choice and we made the choice.

I agree, it is all about Choice! Regret can also be a choice. I think that if we’ve made a choice that we didn’t align with 100%, that in time we may experience flutterings of regret. That isn’t such a bad thing, it’s what we DO with it that can potentially harm us.

A fluttering of regret can happen when we get a peek into a “what if” of an alternative past choice. Good news is that choice is always available to us. We can choose how long we stay in the energy that the “what if” brought up, how far we take it and what direction we take it in. Because we can choose our thoughts and perspectives, we can choose what we do with regret when it flutters in.

So is it possible to live without regret? Sure, I believe everything is possible. The question is, is it probable? For many people – no, and that doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. Our natural ability to choose can deflate or inflate the impact of regret. We simply need to remember that we can choose, and that we can always choose again, and again and again….

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