Are You Attracting or Repelling Your Thriving Practice?

I’m going to be the guest host on Thriving Coaches round table on Monday November 26, at 8pm ET (follow the link to register and receive the bridgeline number). I hope you’ll join us!
Here is a little article I wrote to introduce the topic for the call:

Are You Attracting or Repelling Your Thriving Practice?

Are you getting in the way of your thriving practice? Has this ever happened to you: you wanted a new client or speaking opportunity, you receive the lead and then next thing you know the deal falls through or the new client cancels or postpones their appointment?

We create our experiences, mostly unconsciously, that is what the law of attraction explains. As our attention is focused on what we want, we attract and when we focus on what we don’t want, we repel – what we want! We are in the constant flux of attracting and repelling through our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, focus and feelings. The key is in knowing how it is you’re naturally doing both.

Once you’ve communicated with your new lead are you noticing how you’re probably not the best coach for them or how compatible you are? Are you thinking “they won’t be able to afford my fee” or do you assume they can otherwise they won’t have contacted you. Do you try to figure out how to fix their issue or do you automatically think of how inspiring their vision is? The more you start noticing what you think of or focus on automatically, you’ll start connecting the dots to how you are attracting or repelling your thriving practice.
The good news is that thoughts are never carved in stone. When you catch yourself in “repel” mode, you can make a conscious choice to think a more attracting thought, thereby redirecting the outcome. You may not be able to change history, however if you’ve repelled an opportunity or client, by changing your thoughts or redirecting your focus, you will attract new ones – attracting your thriving practice.

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