Attracting Miracles

I love setting an intention, forgetting that I’ve done so and then being surprised as I experience the magic of how it manifests as a reality!

This is exactly what happened last week while on vacation in Sedona, Arizona. As Daniel and I were venturing out on a vortex trek to Bell Rock one morning he ask me; “What do you want to attract today?” I smiled and joyfully giggled “I want to attract miracles!” Then we continued our hike towards Bell Rock, enjoying the trail and forgetting all about this intention until we met up with the first of many miracles we’d attract that day.

For both of us, this was our first trip to this spiritually energy infused landscape, and while we knew there were a number of energy vortexes amid the massive red rocks, we were not yet intimately familiar with each by name. At one point of our journey towards Bell Rock, I had a strong feeling that we were heading in the wrong direction. Some of the signs were vague, letting us know we were on the “Bell Rock Path” however with no indication as to which direction the intended destination was in. It was a day of trusting ourselves to rely on the less obvious signs as appose to the more direct ones, which proved to be somewhat elusive. We noticed another path which also confirmed it as a “Bell Rock Path” and decide to take it. Soon it proved to be leading us closer to the two larger of the red rock masses in the area.

As we got close to the base of the first large rock, we still were not in agreement as to which it was. I thought the more rounded rock on the right was Bell Rock, and Daniel thought it was the closer one, which was later confirmed to be the Courthouse Butte, by a cyclist we met along the way – who would end up being my first miracle of the day.

At first glance I saw a man sitting on the ground, with his bike next to him taking a break from riding.

Then I noticed the glittering of metal and realized he possessed mechanical legs – not just one, but two. Immediately I was struck in awe of this man’s ability to ride a bike, however it was only after we continued on our journey toward Bell Rock that my eyes welled up as I realized that I had just experienced the miracle I had asked for. As a result of his life experience, this man had lost both of his natural legs and was living life, doing what he loved, with two artificial legs. We had encountered a walking, talking, cycling miracle!

The cyclist was also able to give us the time, which made us realize that we had yet to reach the base of Bell Rock even though we had been hiking for 2 hours and that it was time for lunch. Our options now were to skip lunch and continue the climb up Bell Rock or to return another day and make the climb. Since both of us had only eaten a very light breakfast, we opted to return another day. However that still left us with at least a 1.5 hour hike back to the car, so I asked for a more specific miracle next. I intended that we would meet someone to drive us back to our car otherwise we’d be eating lunch with dinner.

We walked to the parking lot at the base of Bell Rock to find someone to drive us to our car. (*Note – we had parked in a lot miles away from the base, not realizing there was one much closer, yet our experiences confirmed that this was no mistake due to our intention for the day!) There were a number of people around, however they were either just arriving at the site or had just come back to their car for a break. As we started our long trek back we met up with a group of people at the end of their hike. They were all members of a local hiking club, and while the ladies we approached were heading in the opposite direction of us, they assured us a couple of their friends were heading back to town and would be happy to drive us to our car. Within minutes we were getting into the back seat of a convertible BMW with two gentlemen who were delighted to have us be their good deed of the day! Very grateful for miracle #2!

Next we headed to the Airport for lunch, then to the Airport vortex site. There we met a couple who had been to these sites often and shared with us a known, but not easily found gem of a spot by Cathedral Rock. The key was to arrive there at the start of sunset to catch the beautiful reflection of the rock in a stream along the path. To get there, we had to know to cross over some logs at a certain place along the stream,

which I imagine many people would have missed. Our third miracle was meeting people to guide us to this breath enhancing view.

More miracles followed – and I’ll share them in another post.

As you set out on your journey called “today”, intend what you want to attract, and when you ask for miracles, be prepared to be blessed in ways you never could have even imagined to ask for!

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