Conscious Change and Flow

When initiating conscious change, there is a balance to be struck between “going with the flow” and “directing the flow”. The universe is constantly receiving and responding to “you”, and what makes up the vibration of “you” includes how you express yourself verbally, mentally, and emotionally as well as your values and beliefs. Once you’ve decide to initiate a change, the flow will be your queue as to how aligned this change is to all of who you are.

When you instigate change that is congruent to the “You” of who you are, you’ll know. It will appear as though the whole universe is conspiring to help you. Everything just falls into place. As you remain open to receiving guidance from your inner wise self, you can direct the flow of your life, feeling yourself along the way.

When you try to force a change that you’re not truly aligned with, it feels like the universe is against you. Any effort feels really hard; synchronicities become rare and you feel like you’ve been striped of your manifesting abilities. This is what going against your own flow feels like, when something about the change you’ve initiated is compromising the core vibration of who you are. It doesn’t mean you have to abort the plan; however it is time to review it. Perhaps there’s a conflict with one of your values or beliefs, or it could also be that the timing isn’t right. You may simply need to slow down and wait for inspired direction.

Another time to lift your oars out of the water and let yourself go with the flow is when you notice yourself following the directive of your negative ego or saboteur. This will also feel like you’re forcing against the current. In those moments as you release your oars, invite your greater self to take over and the universe to show you what your next step in redirecting you to your flow is. Then breathe deeply, listen and notice. Remain open to receiving guidance, unattached to what it looks like or how it comes. When it comes, you’ll know – it’ll just feel right.

Enjoy the Magic!

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