Do We Create Our Reality?

Do we really…. really create our reality?

Have you ever approached a person who is experiencing a life threatening disease and attempted to “enlighten” them of the fact that they not only created their current state of health, but that can also create their miraculous healing – all they need to do is believe they can.

Telling someone they are responsible for their disease, or the happening of an unfortunate event, especially if they are not yet aware of the universal laws of creation, is an insensitive thing to do regardless of the “messengers” intention. Some people may tell you they just don’t believe you, while other’s may take it to heart and experience painful feelings of guilt, shame, fear and hopelessness. And then when they “try” every holistic health modality – accupressure, Reiki, visualization, affirmations, NLP, Meditation, Yoga, homoeopathy and so on – and continue to be ill or attract bad luck, they have to deal with the feelings of failure for not being “enlighten enough” to either heal or create better circumstances for themselves.
And thankfully, sometimes this piece of information inspires a person to commerce the inner journey to healing and congruence.

Last year I met an inspiring lady who had cancer in one of her lungs, as well as internal toxic poisoning from silicon breasts implants that had leaked throughout her body. This amazing, courageous lady, did everything and anything holistic as a means of managing and dealing with her health circumstance.

At her memorial service I looked through her accreditation binder which was overflowing with numerous certificates representing all of the health related studying she had completed over the years. She was a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki Practitioner, Integrated Therapy Practitioner, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, homoeopathy, so much more as well as a Registered Nurse!

There was no way this courageous woman consciously created her disease. And many times I wondered whether her knowledge and recognition that somehow she had created her illness hindered more than helped her. During our many visits together, her frustration and disappointment in herself for not healing faster was evident. This can be expected in anyone’s case, however her disappointment and frustration was often directed at herself. She was very hard on herself feeling that with all she knew, she should be able to heal herself.

It seemed to me that she had become disillusioned by all of her knowledge and this resulted in her not being able to really connect to the core of what was going on within her.

So back to my original question, do we really create our reality? Yes.

Are we doing so consciously? For most people No!

Can we learn to consciously create our lives – absolutely!

Everything we need to consciously create our reality is available to us, is within us and is part of us – the first step is to become aware of that fact.

There are numerous books written to inform us of the universal laws of creation and most of them provide exercises to help strengthen our manifestation skills. However, simply reading the information and practicing the exercise may or may not result in you being able to consciously create your life.
Learning to consciously create your life requires more conscious effort and discipline than simply following the instructions of visualization or affirmation techniques. You need to develop the consciousness that results in becoming a conscious creator. This involves forming empowering beliefs, aligning with your core values and maintaining positive, healthy attitudes including a healthy level of humility.

Becoming a conscious creator starts with a journey into yourself. By acknowledging that your outer experiences and circumstances are the result of your inner world, you will discover your participation in the creation of your circumstances. Then you can do something to change it. You need to be willing to delve within, to discover the connection between the creation of the outer and the experience of the inner, otherwise you risk becoming disillusioned by your ability to make some things happen, while feeling completely baffled by the other events that seem to “just happen”. The mind is a very power tool – all of our thoughts create – including the ones we try to suppress or ignore.

Do what it takes to really get to know yourself. All of you. The parts you love and the aspects you’d rather hate or would rather pretend aren’t there. Accept them all as is – that is the place to start. Then get into the visualization, affirmations, goal setting, intention setting and so forth. But first find out where you are now, only then can you begin the journey and find the path to where you want to be.

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