Ending 2013 With Gratitude

It’s that time again – one year is coming to completion, making way for a new one to begin.  I like to complete each year with a closing ritual that includes taking time to review the past 12 months to remind myself of what I accomplished, what I didn’t do or get to, and  go over what I learnt along the way. I invite you to join me in consciously completing and celebrating 2013 with the following exercise.

Get yourself comfortable with some paper, pen, and a yummy beverage, creating an ambient environment. I like lighting a bunch of candles and burning some incense, like frankincense or amber. Start by taking some time to review 2013 – grab your journal, agenda, vision board, list of goals, anything that will remind you of what happened over the past year as well as what you had intended to accomplish.  Then, write down the answer to the follow questions:

What did I accomplish in 2013?  Who do I feel about what I accomplished?

What surprised me this year?  What happened that I hadn’t planned on?

Any disappointments? If yes, how am I doing with them?

If the past year was a movie, would it have been an action movie, comedy, satire, drama, thriller, cartoon, musical or documentary? What title would I give it? What role did I play?

Which goals or intentions did I set for myself in 2013 did I not complete? What happened? What got in the way?

What were my greatest challenges/opportunities  in 2013?

What is the greatest achievement that I’m most proud of in 2013? What am I doing the Happy Dance about?

What wisdom did 2013 leave me with?

What will I intentionally leave behind in 2013? (beliefs, habits or thought patterns)

What will I consciously carry forward into 2014 and continue working towards?

What else is important to acknowledge about this past year?

Write a list of at least 50 things/people/events/experiences you are grateful for in 2013.

Once you feel complete with your review of the year, symbolically release it by safely burning or shredding the paper you wrote on (or just throw it out) and in the spirit of gratitude welcome all 2014 has to offer. Open your arms wide and yell “bring it baby!!” 🙂

Complete the exercise by asking yourself if you’ve appropriately celebrated all of your efforts and accomplishments over the year? If not, what will you do to celebrate and acknowledge all the work you’ve done, the impact you’ve made and the people who have contributed value to your life over the past year?

Wishing everyone lots of love and peace – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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