How is it we create the "bad" events???

Recently I was participating in a discussion that demonstrated how challenging it is to believe we create our reality, when what is happening in our reality is challenging. Here was my perspective in the regards to this conversation.

I’ve come to recognize that the question of “do we create our reality?” leans to also being interpreted as “are we responsible for everything that happens in our life?” – which is a whole different question. I think we create it – and most of what we create is done at an unconscious level and when we are creating unconsciously we are not responsible for our creation. The gift comes when we do become conscious of how we are getting the experiences we get – we then have the ability to respond to our lives in a conscious way and make changes.
Does this mean that we are then 100% responsible for what happens? Absolutely not – because the unconscious mind is still at play. But we can have more control over what happens. And if we do what it takes to understand the workings of the unconscious mind, we can also shift it so that we can even more so consciously create our lives.

The unconscious includes all the thoughts and memories that the conscious mind doesn’t include. All we’ve ever witnessed, read, thought, believed, learnt all of it gets stored there. When I say that we create from there as well – that will also mean that we are unaware of what unconscious thoughts lead to the creation. These thoughts are energetic vibration – that is being proven scientifically. Read Molecules of Emotion from Candace Pert.

Who we are encompasses our conscious selves, unconscious selves, and our greater selves. Our greater (there are other words for this) selves includes the vibrations of all we’ve ever been (past lives included for people who believe that), who we will ever be as well as all possibilities of who we can be now. We hear from so many sources that our outer reality is a mirror of our inner reality. When I contemplate this, and I’m looking at the pine trees outside my window, and the first snow that is creating a nice blanket on their branches, I wonder how my inner reality is manifesting all of this physical/environmental experience. In my unconscious and greater selves there are many memories and vibrations that include what I am seeing outside me.

When we were looking for a house, my boyfriend and I had a list of what we wanted. What we did not have on the list was the scenery we ended up with. However, I did have pictures in my mind of when I lived with such scenery around me and felt warmth and joy with the memory. In my unconscious mind was stored the thoughts of knowing I am happiest in this type of environment. So one day I’m looking at the MLS listings and see this house with a picture of this back yard and I can feel excitement bubble. We go to see it and the rest is history. How we create from a conscious place is how we gain experiential knowing that we can create our reality.

Now – this is what I think happens when the other things happen that we are unable to link to any conscious thought. Since we are a culmination of all the vibrations mentioned above, in this world of everything being energy vibrating at varying frequencies, it means we have many possible attractor factors going on at every given moment. It is the vibrations that attract each other. The vibrations take on the form of thoughts, memories and result in experience and physical manifestations. So when something unexplainable from the position of our conscious selves happens, it is because we’ve attracted a vibration from one of the other levels or parts of ourselves to us. So if someone experiences a car accident and knows there was no conscious connection to the event, that is where I suggest that it was manifested from an unconscious/greater self level which may or may not ever be known at the conscious level.

I personally have a hard time completely accepting the possibility that I signed up for a contract before coming – that everything was already planned for my life experience. For me it leads to so many questions about free will and such, yet it does align with the premise of the past present and future all being now. However maybe if my interpretation of what that means changes I may come to accept it….. I remain open. I say this, because if it is true, then that is part of the vibrations that encompass  our greater selves – which is included in how we create our experiences. The “we” in the “we create” equals all of our conscious, unconscious and greater selves all together as one.

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