Letting Go

Letting Go

Letting Go

Boobs are sagging
Hair’s turning grey
Getting a new wrinkle every day… and Letting Go

Letting go of being in control, or trying to controlling what everyone thinks of me. In letting go I allow the mystery of the universe back into my life.

Knowing how the laws of the universe work, intellectually and experientially, empowered me to control (or think I was controlling) how others see me, who effects me and how, and better manage what I get in life. It also made me very aware that any stress and all effects of stress are of my own doing… and that I needed to be controlling that too. With knowledge comes power, for better or worse – it really is both a gift and curse.

However in the years the lead up to this ingrained intellectual awareness, I followed the flow and mystery of life, as it brought me synchronistic opportunities, one after the other. Coincidences that made me pay attention and act. Signs and messages. While in the flow of life, uncertain of exactly how it operates, life graced me with what I desired. Always listening, it inspired my direction and told me what to work for, all the while leaving hints and signs along the way that would enable me to connect the dots and realize how it all worked. Once I figured it out on an intellectual level, then validated by so many other peoples insights and books, I became more acutely aware of my responsibility – of everything! My value for control took over to consciously use what I ‘knew’ to steer my life. That intellectual knowledge brought with it the ability to control my universe… albeit at a price. I somehow lost some of the magic that had come with not fully knowing, while still figuring it out.

Now, I want that magic back – all of it! I RELEASE CONTROL and fully surrender to flow. Listening for signals, feeling the signs and hearing the pull… I let go and flow.

Letting go,
My boobs are sagging
My hair’s turning grey
I see a new wrinkle every other day.
And I smile… fascinated by the change I see along the way.


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