Natural Magic

Years ago I came up with this motto for myself:

When I live my life for me
Being the best me I can be
Magic happens naturally

Originally the last line was “The rest happens naturally” and just now as I’m writing I asked myself “exactly what do I mean by the rest?”
It means living a magical life! A life in which I naturally attract all I want to be, do and have by simply being me!

One way I’ve come to understand the law of attraction, or what I refer to as conscious creation, is through noticing that whoever I am being in the moment magnetically pulls to me, that which is like me (like attracts like). When I’m being way too serious, I tend to attract other people who are also being way too serious. When I’m acting like a child (the immature kind), I attract that quality from others. And when I’m being playful, I attract the playful side from the people I’m with. The coolest awareness has been noticing that as I change, the people I’ve attracted these mirrored qualities from, are the same people I was attracting the previous qualities from!

My boyfriend is a perfect example (I’ve been experimenting with this…. sshhh!). The other day I was feeling frustrated and noticed myself picking on these little things he was doing that were annoying me. The more I picked, the more annoyed I felt. As I became ever so painfully aware of this dance we were in, I took a moment to remind myself of all the qualities I love in him and like magic, he started demonstrating them instead.
I’ve manifested dinner, flowers, my choice of movie and other favors using this method with him.

I’ve experimented with the cashier at Loblaws as well. At the check-out the other day, I was about to be served by a familiar cashier who looked like her face might crack if she were to smile. I could feel the frown lines on my own forehead as I judged her for not looking happier! I decided we both needed cheering up! That thought turned my frown into a smile and inner giggle.
“Hellooo” I sang as she started scanning my items, which she reciprocated with a half-hearted glance and smile. As I started humming along to the song that was playing in the background, I recalled the many times I’d exchanged pleasantries with her. As I walked away she cheerfully wished me a good day. Somewhere between “swipe the card the other way” and “here’s your receipt” her mood had definitely shifted. Her whole face had softened and whatever had been weighing on her before was now gone.

If this is the impact we have on each other as individuals, by simply choosing to be happy, can you imagine the potential in your life and the lives of all the people you touch in a day?
Over the next month, I invite you to play with this. Start by noticing what you are attracting or how you are being (whichever is easiest) while in the presence of one or more other people. When the feeling isn’t optimal, decide how you would rather feel and behave, then do whatever you need to do to get yourself there. It has to be authentic, so keep going until you really shift yourself first. Don’t say a word about what you are doing or make any suggestions to the others to change, simply change your self and notice what happens.

I would absolutely love to hear feedback from your experiments!

My motto is an adaptation of Gandhi’s words “Be the change you want to see in the world”. When we are being the best aspects of our whole selves, we naturally attract that same flavor of experience in life. Now that’s what I call natural magic!

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