Are you ready to Consciously Create Your Life?

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We all participate in creating the life we are experiencing whether we are aware of it or not. For the most part, this is happening automatically as a result of our focus, beliefs, thoughts, values, attitudes, behavioral habits and choices. However, at any time you can take control of the wheel and give your life direction! While you can’t change your past, you can take a more proactive role in influencing your future.

Kim has designed various coaching options to support you on your journey to living a life that is on purpose and fulfilling, on your own terms.

Benefits of working with Coach Kim:

Professional Certifications: Kim is a Certified Profession Co-Active Coach (CPCC) having received this designation from the world renowned Coach training organization, The Coaches Training Institute. She is also accredited as an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Additional training includes, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at the Master Practitioner level, Certified Teacher and Trainer of Adults (Algonquin College) and holds a diploma in Business/Accounting. Her prior career was in the Financial Services industry, with extensive experience in financial advising and management.

Pattern Busting: There is a pattern which leads to every result. If you’re not satisfied with the results of your life – it’s time to change the patterns!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

– Albert Einstein

During our time together, you’ll become aware of limiting beliefs, attitudes and habits that have been directing the flow of your life. This awareness will empower you to make the changes you need to make to get more of what you want in life, and less of what you don’t.

More Benefits:

Leverage Your Personal Power by Identifying Your Core Values

Ever wonder what makes you do the things you do? Why you’ve chosen the career your in, the relationships you’re in or have had, and how you like to spend your time? How you’re motivated, or why you procrastinate? What draws you to certain areas of interest? How you’re triggered emotionally?  What drives and directs the flow of our lives? Our Core Values!

Our core values represents that which is most important to us in life, and this evaluation is influenced by how we feel. When our outer life experience is in harmony with our inner desired core feelings, we feel at home within ourselves.  Our values are the driving force of all of our seemingly inherent behaviors, attitudes and choices. Faith, love, peace, joy, purpose, contribution, belonging, and harmony are all examples of core values.

As children we developed ways of having these values met, many of which became habits that we carried forward into our adult lives.  Some of these habits continue to serve us, while some do not.  Most of the behaviors we adopt as children to meet our values are not the ones we would consciously choose as adults, if we actually knew which core value we were striving to align with. As you come to know what your Core Values are, you’ll understand the positive intentions that have been driving all of your autopilot responses, as crazy and dysfunctional as some of them may seem ☺. With this awareness comes the capacity to explore alternate ways of having your values met, without compromising your deal breakers!

Living life congruent to our values feels good!  We are naturally driven as humans to do so. While you will still make choices that may compromise a value, they will be very conscious choices, based on the individual circumstances at the time, and knowing so will support you in accepting any and all outcomes.

What is the process like?

During this 2.5 hour session, we will identify your top 2 core values known as your deal breakers, your 3 main supporting  core values and your primary shadow value.

A shadow value is usually the polar opposite of one of our main values. It’s a more negative emotion or state, which we have deemed important as it helps us to align with that deeper need to have one of our top values met. For example, one of my top values is faith, and one of my shadow values is control. In certain circumstances my value for control which serves to have my value for faith met, will influence me to use control in a more extreme way than I really need to.  When my faith is strong, I don’t need to lean into control so much. However when my faith is compromised, I’m driven to gain control so that eventually my faith can be restored.

Throughout this process you will also identify many of your feeding values which are the various behaviors, activities and things that serve to align you with your more important and core values.

During the following two coaching session, you’ll identify the areas of your life where your core values are being met,  how they are being compromised and together we’ll design new strategies to meeting them. You will decide on which goals you want to set to enhance your relationships, career, home environment or other areas of importance, and then identify some activities and actions that will get you on the road to aligning your outer life, with your truest inner life potential. With your plan in place and by taking consistent conscious action, over time you will grow to become more consistently congruous with your ideal inner vibration. Life will still happen, you’ll get knocked off center every now and then, however, recovery will happen much more quickly.

Imagine a world where more and more people are living their life in alignment with their core values! The potential of it makes me think of Mahatma Gandhi words,  “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

Coaching Fees

Core Value Identifying Session – 2.5  hours $280.00

Discovery Session  – 1.5 hours – $150.00

The Conscious Creation Coaching relationship commences with the 1.5 hour Discovery Session. Kim will be emailing you a welcome package, which will include questionnaires to be completed and returned (via email) prior to your scheduled Discovery Session. This session is designed to help your coach acknowledge where you are now, design your coaching relationship,  identify some of your values, and set your intentions and goals for the coaching engagement.

Kim is professionally trained to guide you through any blocks, patterns and obstacles that get in the way of achieving your goals and living the life you yearn for. Having identified your goals and why they are important to you during the Discovery Session, you can count on to Kim to ensure your intentions, goals and actions remain congruent as you journey forward in life. You’ll learn and experience how the universe truly is designed to support you in living a fulfilling life – joyfully and on purpose! With Kim as your coach, you will become the conscious co-creator of your life.

Mentor Coaching

As an ICF credentialed coach at the PCC level since 2010, Kim serves as a Mentor Coach for coaches who are in the process of earning or renewing their ACC or PCC credential with the ICF.  Please contact Kim to discuss how you can work together to develop and expand your coaching skills.

Monthly Coaching Fees

Personal Coaching or Mentor Coaching 

Two monthly 1 hour sessions $280.00 ($140.00 per hour) includes unlimited access to your coach via email. 

While there is no minimum time commitment, ideally you are prepared to invest in at least three to six month of coaching to receive the maximum benefits. On average, clients who have experienced life altering transformations through their coaching relationship were in such a relationship for a year or more – taking one or two months off somewhere with in that time. It is usually during these breaks that clients really recognized the significant difference coaching is making in the quality of their lives!


 Why I Love What I DO!

My journey with Kim started with someone giving me her business card and telling me praises of the changes she has done in the person’s life. A month later I contacted Kim.

My major reason to go for coaching was to get assistance to change job. This was the first topic I discussed with Kim but happily ended it up not being the last. My dissatisfaction with my job was deeper than the mere fact I needed a change in employment. Firstly, Kim helped me establish my personal and work values. Secondly, she led me to identify the roots of my dissatisfaction and give me tips to understand them. This made it easier to make changes. This was just the beginning of my self-discovery to transform the perspectives I had on some situations in my life, work place and on people. Kim was always eager to give me lots of information, feedback and practical exercises. I have more understanding on why I used particular patterns and Kim guided me to break them.

I am thankful for her coaching knowledge and passion she has shared with me.

— Danielle


Working with Kim has allowed me to move away from reactive quick-fixes and address the underlying recurring choices that motivate my decisions. As a result, in both my personal and work relationships, I have a adopted healthier and more proactive long term strategies to address issues that arise. Her insight, guidance and creativity has had a direct impact on me living a calmer, healthier and more authentic life. Kim has a truly unique approach to coaching. She goes above and beyond, looking to find the precisely right approach for each of her clients. Without a doubt, deciding to work with Kim was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  – Sabrina


I am addicted to Food. Was addicted, actually. Addicted to wholesome nutritious food, but also Chips, Chocolate & Cheese Pizzas. It needed to be near me, I needed to be near it. I needed to know that the fridge was close by, too. And full of food.  I brought huge picnics with me everywhere in case I got hungry.  I thought I would starve or get low blood sugar if I didn’t have food near me at all times. After a decade of this and blood tests for nutritional analysis (all  normal), I began to wonder if it was seriously a glitch in my matrix…no one I knew felt this way about food, except me. So I called Conscious Creations and spoke to Kim. We set up a meeting and within weeks I was realising how my own thoughts and patterns from my youth were affecting me as an adult. Needless to say, I am now nurtured in all the ways that are needed for me to fulfill a happy and secure life. I have consciously re-created my life. I still love food, but I have retired the picnic basket to summer’s only.

– Tania K. 


I received this email from a client just  hours after a session. We had identified her Core Values in a previous session, which helped her realize why she missed travelling so much;  travel had been a way of meeting one of her Core Value’s for years. In this session we discussed  the importance of travel in her life in more detail…

Hi Kim,

Just wanted to share with you some interesting news. As soon as I came into work after our session, I was asked to travel to Vancouver for work! Looks like our conversation moved and shifted some things around to make this available.  Thanks! 

Kind regards,

– Gesa Harmston 


As a long time friend and colleague of Kim Barnwell for over 10 years, I have seen her grow and evolve into one of our city’s best coaches and healing facilitators. I myself have used her services and referred my clients to her. She is compassionate, insightful and expertly trained to uncover your core values, abilities and efficiently shift any blocks to your success. A meeting with Kim is a life changing experience!

– Jennifer Clark 


Kim’s Emotional Management Coaching Package turned my life around!

When I met Kim, I knew there must be a way I could live a better life, I just didn’t know where to start and didn’t know if I had the courage to do what was necessary. The work we did together gave me my roots, my foundation. She helped me get really clear about what matters most in my life, what are my deal-breakers, and what criteria must be met in all areas of my life, work, relationships, etc. Kim helped me see the lessons that were behind my challenges. Kim not only had the ability to help me change my perspective, she encouraged me throughout to reach the goals I set for myself and held me accountable. The work we did together brought me to the point of being able to tackle my biggest fear. Talk about life-changing! This work brought about a level of self-confidence that I had never experienced.

I’m so grateful for Kim’s coaching abilities. The benefits of doing this work will last a lifetime.”

— With gratitude, Angela


I have known Kim for many years and she assisted me in the past as my Coach and then as my Reiki Master. Recently we reconnected and I had a wonderful experience! I had Kim do a tarot coaching session for me. It was not only enlightening but fun!  It reaffirmed many things I have been thinking and working on during my journey. I feel that many would benefit from this same experience! Thanks Kim for everything!

–  Elizabeth Wright

What a wonderful awakening coaching session!  Thank you Kim for helping me to connect with my life theme for 2011!  Thank you for sharing your gift.  You are an excellent coach!  My session with you did not only help me to guide me in the direction that I need to follow, but you also help me to see that I also had the answers within me and all I needed was your guidance to help me to clarify what it was that I needed to make my 2011 more productive.  I am now more aware and focused on what I need to do to accomplish my life theme for 2011.  Thank you again for your assistance in helping me see things more clearly.  Please keep sharing your gift.

– Luisa

“Kim and I have been working on things together for a couple of years now. Of course at my first visit I was all in a muddle. I was so impressed by the fast-forward-feeling and results that I was very encouraged and came back for a package, did the group coaching (excellent), and returned for tune-ups at various times in this journey. Wow! Co-creation is a great concept. It really helps to have someone so grounded, resourceful, and intuitive to help sort things out and greatly improve my ability to identify and create the life I want. It only gets more miraculous!”

— Heather O.