Powerful Intentions

Well, my intention was to write on this blog more often, a reality I have yet to consciously create 😉

In December I flew into Toronto for a coach training weekend with CTI (The Coaches Training Institute). I took an early morning flight since the program only started at 10:00am; however this meant I needed timing and flow to be on my side. I had planned to take the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, which left the airport every 20 minutes. With the flight arriving at 8:10am I figured I’d board the 8:25 shuttle, giving us an hour to get to the hotel with the early morning traffic so that I’d arrive by 9:30. That would give me enough time to check into my hotel room early (I intended that it would be ready by then) and arrive in time for registration which started at 9:45am.

The flight arrived on time, first yeah! Now I needed to pick up my luggage and catch the 8:25 shuttle. I waited, watching other passengers from my flight pick up their luggage and leave the building. 8:20, still no sign of it. I speak to the attendant close by who confirms that the entire luggage from my flight is now on the carousel. Mine must be there or it’s been left on the plane going to Calgary. I choose not believe her. I walk over to the other attendant she directed me to in order to confirm all the luggage is off the plane. He looked at his watch noting that it had only been 20 minutes since the plane had landed; chances are they are still unloading the luggage. I walked over and told the lady attendant what he said. She stood her ground and repeated that she believed all the luggage was now on the carousel. I smiled and told her that I hoped the other guy was right.

It was now about 8:29 – the shuttle would have left 4 minutes ago. I knew I could take the 8:45 and would trust that the traffic would be fluid enough for us to make it to hotel in record time.
Suddenly, the luggage appears!! Yeah!!! I smile at attendant, gleefully clapping my hands.

It is about 8:32 when I purchase my ticket for the shuttle. The ticket lady directs me to the door marked B stating the bus is there right now! I quickly walk over to the bus driver who greets me with “We’ve been waiting for you, how come you’re late?” as he takes my luggage. Late??? Waiting for me?? How would he even have known I was coming? I hadn’t told any of the people who had helped me that I needed to catch that shuttle.

Now I’m on the bus, in traffic, with no idea of what average morning traffic is like in Toronto. I still see myself arriving at 9:30.I’m wishing I had been able to carry water on the flight because I was thirsty and didn’t know if I’d have time to purchase water before the start of the workshop. The bus arrives at the hotel. I give the driver a tip, walk up to the reception desk in the hotel, look up at the clock and it is (drum roll please) exactly 9:30! Yeah!

I ask if my room is ready – it is. Yeah!

The receptionist invites me to join a female traveler program to receive extra privileges. I accept. I now have the choice of receiving a calling card or gift basket. I gratefully accept the calling card. One concern I had earlier was about calling home and having to pay the hotel’s long distant rates. That concern was now gone – thank you! Then, she hands me a bottle of water – Yeah again!! I bring my bags up to my room, and then back down to the training room by – you guessed it – promptly at 9:45am just buzzing from the morning manifestations!!!Now let’s review to recognize what was really working for me; how I consciously created the flow of the day?

I didn’t allow myself to buy into other people’s beliefs that were in conflict with my own intentions.

I accepted what the first attendant told me as being what she believed to be true and held my intention of arriving on time, knowing that she could be wrong. I didn’t tell her I hoped she was wrong, I told her I had hoped the other guy was right, therefore I was kept my focus on the result I wanted.

I intended to arrive on time without any conflicting beliefs about the amount of time it “should” take based on the level of traffic. This is a good example of when “ignorance is bliss”. I had no idea of what good timing was, only a desire to arrive at a certain time. I also didn’t feel any attachment to arriving at 9:30 because that made me plenty early. If I had intended on arriving at 9:55, that would have been so close to the start time that as I noticed the traffic along the way I probably would have felt anxious about the possibility of being late. With the intent of arriving 30 minutes early there was no fear of being late, therefore the intention was pure and without attachment.

By this time I’m emanating gratitude and in awe of how everything is flowing so beautifully, that of course I attract the water and calling card. Being in an energy that is radiating appreciation, I attract more of the items that I’d appreciate attracting. As I’m waiting for the workshop to start, I sit in awe of my morning experience, knowing with my whole being that I am in the perfect place. I felt so open and expectant of the miracles and learning that would transpire over the next 3 days. Well – was I in for a surprise! I never in a million years would have intuited what I was about to experience during that weekend. Nor could I have anticipated the transformations that would occur during my continued training weekends over the months that followed.

And the miracle creations continue!!!

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