Re-write Your History!

Have you become a victim to the stories of your past? Decided you’re unlovable, unworthy or “less than” because of the meaning you’ve assigned to the experiences you’ve had? Life happens, events occur – we see things, exchange words, experience feelings and then we use our interpretation of what we’ve experienced to assign meaning to it all. Have you ever noticed that a number of people can participate in the  exact same event yet each person will have their own unique experience of it? My honey and I can watch the same movie, seeing the same scenes and hearing the same words, yet we don’t always react the same way to it. He’ll laugh when I cry and often one of us ends up enjoying the movie more than the other.

This is exactly what we do in our lives; we assign meaning to our experiences, based on how we’ve interpreted the event  at the time. The meaning then becomes our memory of the event, naturally influencing the flow of our lives. Our memory of the past remains part of us, and continues to affect how we participate in creating our lives moving forward. Every time a memory is triggered, so is the emotional tone (energy) of the meaning we’ve assigned to it, enabling the emotion and connecting thoughts  to continue influencing how we are creating in the moment; it continues to be part of the mix.

“The only meaning that anything has is the meaning we give it.” A Course in Miracles

If the meaning you’ve given your past is not helping you create the life you want now, change it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Not always. Not when the meaning we’ve given the story is keeping us safe or empowering us by making us feel important, right or justified. This sort of empowerment is usually gained through a limiting power source – a source that takes from another in a depreciating way.

All power gets its juice from feeding off of another source of energy. Limiting power like thoughts have a, “I’m better, smarter, more beautiful, more creative, more…. than they are”  ring to them, lifting oneself up while putting someone else down. Or like “I’m not as good/smart/pretty/tall/thin/creative… as them”; putting oneself down while inflating another, possibly putting someone else on a pedestal for the sake of keeping oneself safe (and small).

Healthy sourced power feeds off of the never ending abundant supply of potential and possibility. Healthy power thoughts sound like, “I can do this”, “I am enough”, “I am learning and growing” or “what is possible now?” Healthy sourced power is self acknowledging, accepting and motivating, without being self inflating. It doesn’t make assumptions about anyone else, neither puffing anyone up nor knocking anyone down. Other people will assign their own meaning to a shared event and it will be about them. As tempting as it is to take another person’s meaning personally, it’s healthier to remember that it isn’t.

If reality is an illusion, what illusion do you want to create as your reality?

We can’t go back and change the ‘facts’ of the past; we need to accept the facts as they are. What we can do is go back and change the meaning or story that we’ve made up about our past. Doing so changes the impact the past has on us now, and its influence on our lives as we move forward.

Let’s take an example many of us have experienced (or likely will at some point), that of being laid off from a job.  The feeling of being laid off doesn’t usually feel great, even when it’s what we’ve secretly (or not so secretly) been wishing for. The experience of being asked to leave the building or being escorted off the premises can sting. Far too often after this sort of experience people will make up stories like “I wasn’t treated fairly,  someone was out to get me, I must have done something wrong”;  all these sorts of ‘meanings’ can leave us feeling rejected and unappreciated.  Such stories can leave a person feeling disempowered as they compromise one’s self confidence, which is not a resourceful state to be in when looking for a new job or planning your next steps.

This actually happened to me in 2003, I was laid off from my banking job. Even though I was able to COMPLETELY recognize how I had participated in co-creating the experience, on the day it happened, it stung! I told myself a whole much of *BS* that added to the pain of being asked to leave the building that day which didn’t help me feel any better.  The FACTS I needed to focus on were that I was no longer employed and that I’d been told I was laid off “without cause”, meaning I had not done anything wrong. Those were the facts. The story that served me, without belittling anyone else (or myself) was that one door had just closed, forcing me to walk through another door that had already been opening for me. When I attach that story to the experience of being laid off, it feels empowering and promising – a bit scary for sure, however in an exciting way.

Changing the meaning of a past event may not fully erase the one you had previously assigned to it. When I recall hearing the words and being escorted out of the branch, a slight sting still remains. Now I use the feeling as a trigger to remind myself that I have the power to “choose” the story I want to remember… bet you can guess which one I choose. As creatures of habit, choosing the more empowering meaning or reinforcing a new story can take time. Be kind to yourself as you work on retraining your mind to more regularly tap into potential and possibility, the source of healthy power, when assigning meaning to your life’s events.

Re-write the meaning of your past and be the hero/heroine of your own life’s journey.

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