Reality Alchemy #1 – Attitude Lifters

Our attitudes have a direct effect on how we experience our reality. Whether you see the cup as half empty or half full doesn’t really matter. What does matter is what you make that mean; does “half empty” mean there’s plenty of room for more, or that you’re almost out of water. Does “half full” remind you that your cup isn’t full, or that you still have lots of water left? It’s the meaning we give the facts of our lives that creates our reality and it’s our attitude that triggers the meaning we end up assigning these facts. If you want to alchemize your reality, change the meaning you’re giving it by altering your attitude!

Next time you want to alchemize your reality, use one of these attitude lifters!

Attitude Lifters

1. This too shall pass. Whatever is going on now, will soon be in the past. At some point in time it will be done with and resolved in some way, shape or form.

2. Shift your focus. There is much more going on in this moment that you could be focusing on. Look around you; what can you focus on that will result in a better feeling? The sky, a flower, animals playing, a picture or thought of a loved one or an inspiring quote.

3. If you are in an argument and the other person is showing you a part of them that you don’t like, remember that is only one part of them. They have many other parts to them that you probably not only love, but admire. If you’re dealing with a stranger, then envision them in a tender moment, as a child or receiving a gift. We are all multi-facetted and have many moments – good and bad. The more you focus on the good in a person, the more you’ll experience that part of them.

4. It’s not about you. How a person is responding to you usually has to do with them and how they are interpreting the situation. It is rarely personal. Remember that and it will help you disassociation from “their stuff”.

5. It’s all about you. How you are responding is usually about you and how you are interpreting the situation. Open yourself up to seeing other perspectives and possibilities. Ask clarifying questions, you may be “off the mark” with your current perspective! Be responsible for the perspective you choose.

6. Stick to the “facts” and drop the story. Adding meaning to events and situations that make you feel bad is a choice, one you don’t have to make! Stick to the facts! If you insist on fabricating a story out of it, make it an inspiring one!

7. A great reality checker in any situation is to ask your self, “Will this matter 10 or 15 years from now?” When the answer is no, notice how the emotions calm a bit. If the answer happens to be yes, than ask your self “What can I do about it now?”

8. SMILE! Every chance you get, SMILE. Make sure to smile in a mirror at least 5 times a day to experience the impact of your smile. Smiles are built-in manual “attitude lifters” that don’t cost a thing – and on the receiving end are priceless!

Our attitude also affects our health and impact the quality of our lives! Follow this link and read this article on the correlation between “attitude” and “longevity”.

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