Reality Alchemy #3 – Believe in Possibilities!

On Facebook today someone posted that “If you want to draw something into your life, decide what it is and then act as though you have it. Works for me.” Great advice!
As I continued to read, one poster asked “what about a person with a disability, in pain and low mobility?” Reading this I pictured someone sitting at home, wanting god knows what, trying to “act as it” and wondering why it isn’t working for them.

I hear comments like this all the time from people who are experiencing a condition that the person declaring success isn’t, and how they really want to believe – yet it truly isn’t working for them. Does this mean this poster is wrong? No, they are absolutely right, it really can work for everyone, however there is a missing necessity here that will affect whether or not it works for someone, and simply put, that is the belief that it can.

Here is what I added to the thread:
“Often times the first obstacle is our thoughts about what we think or believe is possible due to circumstances – such as yours. First step then is to open to the possibility that anything is possible, even though you can’t see how in the moment. Start where you are, feel how it feels to be open to possibilities, and then once you feel yourself believing that, it is easier to focus on attracting what it is that you want. Unfortunately, if you don’t think it is possible, chances are you’ll prove yourself right. Remember how the light bulb and airplanes were once just some wild idea? Two perfect examples of the power of belief in possibilities.”

I also want to add, that if someone is asking for some pie in the sky wish, that if the opportunity came to actually get it, chances are that they wouldn’t even know what to do with it – you have got to let those go! Make sure your wants are what you really want and what you are committed to taking action to get. If you are sitting at home saying “I wish I could travel to the moon” – then you better be prepared to do what it takes to make that possible. Or if you were wishing you were someplace warm and sunny and you can’t afford a trip – you better be at least willing to enter contests where travel is the prize. There are a gazillion ways that our desired outcomes can manifest – the key is to not be attached to how it happens, just believe that it can (consciously and unconsciously). Also, to be open and ready to act on the opportunities that will lead to your desired outcome when they present themselves. If you aren’t ready to act, if you are just sitting there wanting someone to knock on your door and give you a free trip without you having done a thing or followed any of the leads the universe sends… then you better believe with every fiber of your being, consciously and unconsciously that it is possible, otherwise you are deluding yourself. But if you do believe….it just might happen – because EVERYTHING is possible!

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