Trying to Figure It All Out?

Do you too hard to “figure” it all out??

Now that you are aware of the power within you, to consciously create your life, do you find yourself sometimes dissecting the events of your day, trying to figure out what “YOU” did to get what you got? The other day my partner came home looking exhausted. He shared his day with me, which was packed full of challenging situations. After reliving them with me, one after the other, he asks, in a breath of defeat: “how did I attract this today”? On top of having a crappy day, he was getting down on himself for having attracted the crap – like that helps at all! (Read last line with sarcastic tone!)

One of the pitfalls of becoming aware of the law of attraction and the other universal principles, is that while they helps us to acknowledge “how it all works”, we can often get caught up in trying to figure it all out. As we are trying to figure “it” out , we remain in the energy of “it” and if “it” is a crappy day, then we risk attracting more crap. It doesn’t matter how you attracted the challenges of the day – what matters is that you are aware of it and that you acknowledge that you have the power to re-create your day right NOW! You don’t always need to know how you got “here”, you do need to acknowledge that from “here” you have the power within to redirect yourself to where you want to be, regardless of what is behind you.

The bottom line is that trying to figure it out, is the long route to conscious creation. Sometimes it’s necessary, yet often it’s not. Here is the short cut. Decide NOW, right NOW what you want, then knowing where you are NOW identifying the next step forward and do it! Getting sucked into constantly trying to figure out the past, no matter how recent will just bring you more of it (not always, but often) to you. You know how it works; focus your attention on what you want in any moment, then listen to your inner guidance for direction. It may come from within you or from around you – trust that when you ask and intend your next step will come.

Create a vibrant day!

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