When Inspiration Falls Flat – What’s up with that?

Have you ever had a “great idea” and then had it land flat? You’ve been left wondering why the inspiration came in the first place if the execution of it wasn’t going to be what you consider a success. What is up with that?

Over the past few years I’ve been inspired with so many great workshop ideas. I spent days creating the workshops, committed to running them, advertised them yet failed to attract the number of participants I wanted, sometimes attracting no one! This was very confusing, as it seems that I received the inspirations just to have myself waste my time creating a workshop that sometimes never happened. (Can you feel the energy of this frustration? And what do you think it attracts? You got it, equal circumstances.)

Well, recently I was participating in a tele class where we were to connect and receive information from our higher/greater/god selves for each other, when as it often happens someone voiced this same issue for themselves. (I love how that happens.) So this post is the information I received from my greater self to our shared confusing frustration.

When we receive the first insight, we need to do exactly what we are guided to do. But what usually happens, in my case anyways, is that at some point my head gets involved trying to figure out exactly how it will all fit together. That’s when I start worrying about what people would want, what they’ll think and so on. Well this is what my greater self had to say about this pattern:

Less is best and “only needed” data is what comes through (spirit). Every question presents a new possible direction and then every answer, opinion or suggestion will lead to a new outcome – each different at the least slightly. This is neither good nor bad, it is simply how it works and it helps if we can understand this.

When an insight comes in to create a class, start creating it continuing with the “natural flow”. Discern the “feeling” when the mind is scanning (this is a pattern/habit) (I interpret this to mean when the mind starts trying to figure out the details and come up with alternatives). When this feeling comes, breathe deep, go to your core/center and ask for guidance from within. Notice the different “feeling” then. From there, unless that feeling is associated with the thoughts being thought, drop it. Each project or idea will have a unique vibration which you will feel. Pay attention to the feeling associated with the idea when you get that first hit. Any “less good” feeling will manifest a less desired outcome. Any better or higher feeling will manifest a higher outcome. It (the vibration) will always change as you remain “open” to options and suggestions – therefore direct it “UP”.

Whenever you downplay an idea due to fear – fear of failure, trying something new, rejections, whatever fear, then the downplaying redirects the current plan to a new outcome, an outcome that is of the same vibration the idea now holds. This isn’t a punishment for having a negative or fear based thought, it is simply how the law of vibration works.

It’s like adding a new ingredient to a recipe. Let’s say you wanted a banana milk shake. Then you decided to add chocolate, you now have a chocolate banana milk shake. Can you add chocolate and make a banana only milk shake? No. Once the chocolate is added, it is now chocolate banana and that is that. You could add loads more milk and bananas so that you can barely taste the chocolate, however it will still be there, is now part of the recipe or outcome – a chocolate banana milk shake is made instead of the original intent of making a banana milk shake.

This is how energy works, and everything about us is energetic in nature. We can not “taste” our own energy to determine when it has changed however we can feel it, sense it, hear it and sometimes even see it. When we feel our energy shift, we need to know that we are changing the ingredients therefore our outcome will now be slightly or greatly different depending on how our energy has shifted. This is neither good or bad it simply is.

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