Celebration Time Come On!!!

I just opened a very important letter – it is a letter from CTI congratulating me on passing both my oral and written coaching certification exams. YEAH!!!!! I have earned the privilege of adding the initials, CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) next to my name.
I have never been so nervous about opening an envelope! Knowing how I consciously create my outcomes, I was very aware that as I feared not passing an exam that I could attract it, that if I knew I’d pass I would and at the same time, if I thought I didn’t and therefore tried to “THINK” I did – I’d drive myself crazy!!!!
That’s the thing about being aware of creating your reality, when it comes to real life situations, what really matters, practicing what your preach becomes the real test.

As I waited 20 days to receive my results, this is what worked for me:

1. I faced my fears of failure. I acknowledge the reasons why I thought I might not pass. I didn’t make myself wrong for thinking this way, I simply acknowledged the logic supporting the fear.
I gave myself credit where credit was due.

2. I was just as liberal in acknowledging what I had done correctly, as what I thought I hadn’t done incorrectly. The worse thing we do to ourselves is go into “exaggerating thinking” at one end, and we let those thoughts run rampage with our emotions. By allowing each possibility their equal voice, and being logical (factual) about it (best question here to ask yourself is “Is what I’m thinking really true?” then “What else is possible?”) you detach from either possibility.

3. I connected to what I truly knew – that I love coaching and I love inspiring people to be who they really want to be! That if for some reason I needed to redo an exam to gain that credential, I was committed to doing whatever it took and grateful for learning what I’d learn along the way. I released my attachment to having that credential now, knowing it was already mine and that timing would be just that – the illusion of timing.

It’s during times like these (when I’m personally attached to the outcome) that practicing what I know is most challenging; when my faith in me can be challenged. Isn’t that why it’s called faith? Otherwise, how would we ever develop the confidence to really listened and hear, and the faith to follow the next inspiration we are guided to pursue?

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