Learn to Coach Yourself Workshop Series

A “do-it-yourself” series of workshops to support you in developing the skills and competencies to coach yourself!

All classes can be taken on their own in any order or you can sign up for all four and save!

The Inner Voices 

The premise of coaching is that the ‘answers are within’ –  however, when we have more than one inner voice competing for our attention which one do we listen to? During this workshop you’ll learn to identify the subtle and not so subtle differences of your inner voices; from the wise intuitive self to the inner critic and saboteur.  You’ll connect with the part of you that is aware of these voices and is able to discern their best intentions – your inner coach. The answers to all of your questions truly are within; come and learn how to access them!

Pattern Busting – Create the Patterns that Lead to What You Want in Life

Remember the movie Ground Hog Day? Ever feel like you’re living Phil’s life, the same theme day after day?  If you’re noticing areas in your life where you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again even though you’re not happy with the results then this workshop is for you! Whether it’s in the area of relationships, work issues or struggles in maintaining your preferred weight, you’ll learn to identify the triggers that keep you in that cycle and gain the resources need to get into a new one.

As creatures of habit, some habits service us better than others. Learn the 5 Steps to Pattern Busting and start creating more of the healthy habits that get you more of what you want in life, and less of what you don’t want

Managing the Emotional Self – Awakening to your Inner Guidance 

Have you had ever noticed how your thoughts can make you feel good or bad? Know what it’s like to get caught up in an emotional tailspin? During this workshop you’ll learn a number of processes to manage the impact of your thoughts, acknowledge and express your emotions while awakening to their true purpose – to serve as your inner guide. These resources will enable you to create a healthier relationship to your emotions, while strengthening your trust in your intuitive self. If you’re looking for more effective ways of managing how you react to life’s situations, while learning to hear and trust the messages of your feelings – this workshop is for you!

Conscious Creation Group Coaching

Is now the time to get behind the steering wheel of your life?  Looking for more clarity, focus and direction? This 8 week program is your opportunity to create a solid foundation for the changes you want to make and goals you want to achieve over the coming years. You’ll identify your core values, learn about the illusion of attraction, how to connect to the wisdom of your whole self and tap into your intuition to set intentions and goals that are aligned with your purpose. By the end of the 8 weeks you’ll have a solid life plan in place and new tools and resources to support your self in moving forward!



Testimonials From Participants of Past Workshops

Kim Barnwell does it again!  Bringing people together to discover our fine qualities, and get in tune with our own sense of power and positive focus.  I attended Power Up Focus, where, sharing our stories, we considered how memories of simple good deeds have an ongoing impact on us, and the smallest positive actions have ongoing good results.  Then we considered the impact our smallest words, thoughts and actions can have on the people around us.  In Power Up Action we reminded ourselves to find the benefit or value in all of our daily actions, consider whether the action makes us feel good, and if not, either change our focus, or choose an alternative that produces the same benefit or value.  These teleclasses boosted me onward and upward in a number of situations I was experiencing, and I find myself again in a good headspace, loving my surroundings and knowing that the world will shower me with good blessings.  (Don’t we always want to feel this way?  ahhhh.)

– Heather Osborn, Victoria BC


The Power Up series was awesome. Power Up Forgiveness and Acceptance was a great way to end 2006 and start 2007. I figured the reason of most of my disappointments were my expectation not being met. When I accepted that “its possible that everyone is trying to do their best with the limited resources they have” – the acceptance transformed itself to gratitude and it was time to Power Up Gratitude. I learnt Gratitude is one of my key value and honoring it means a lot to me. Setting goals that really matter to you and are in line with what you truly want was covered in Power Up Clarity. From this place of clarity, Kim beautifully conveyed by Powering Up Focus what we focus on is amplified and expands in reality. And the stage was set to Power Up Action which was the grand finale.

Kim has a unique style of very tenderly and gently awakening the values and the conscious self within you. She is indeed an artist who has a creative way to tap into your potential and open a world of possibility.

— Dinesh Salve



“The Consciously Creating Workshop taught me to properly align my personal goals and values, and helped me reach my objectives for 2005. What a departure from my typical New Year’s resolutions, which tended to fade after a month or two! Kim’s teaching and coaching style made the day fun, informative and productive. I’ve registered for the “Power Up 2006” workshop in January and I’m looking forward to the New Year and all its opportunities!”

— Chantal Cormier


“Kim your Power Up workshop Jan 2006 was awesome!
Your focus and precision in guiding me to create the vision, goals and actions for my year helped launch a successful 2006! You created a space and invitation to open up my full potential for the year. I was particularly draw to the wonderful creative tools you offered throughout the workshop. They gave insight, stimulation and reflection for powering up for 2006!”
You are a masterful guide to the future!

— Thank you, Kim M